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Character Relationships

Astoria & Severus

Astoria is 2 years younger than Severus, however they were introduced by Lily Evans towards the end of Astoria’s 1st year at Hogwarts. Their relationship grew strong, despite Astoria’s relationship with the marauders and Lily and Severus’s ongoing battle with James and Sirius. By Astoria’s 4th year at Hogwarts (Severus’s 6th year), they were as close to being a couple as two teenagers could get without actually giving it a title. Their relationship, however meaningful, was very chaste. Neither was sure enough of the other’s affections to make the first move. Valentine’s Day of that year however, Astoria kissed Severus on a visit to Hogsmeade and promptly ran away, leaving them both confused, but only increased their affections for one another. By Astoria’s 5th year (Severus’s 7th), she had fallen completely in love with him and he with her, although neither one had said the words, but they seemed to know. Everything changed, however when right before Christmas, Astoria was taken by her parents to move to the U.S. The two teens were devastated, and in addition to this shock, Severus’s battle with James turned to an all time low and in his retaliation, Severus joined the Death Eaters, unbeknownst to the now far away Astoria. The two did not see each other again until Astoria’s return to Hogwarts fifteen years later. Severus did, however, begin to battle with memories of his former love in 1992 when Astoria’s niece, Luna Lovegood, started at Hogwarts and Severus noticed immediately that Luna has Astoria’s eyes.

Astoria & Lily (Evans) Potter

Astoria was a bit of an outsider when she first came to Hogwarts in 1973, but Lily Evans (once described by Lupin as “an uncommonly kind woman”) saw fit to take Astoria under her wing and they became fast and close friends. Lily was also responsible for introducing Astoria to Severus. Lily had many friends at Hogwarts, but she saw unique qualities in Astoria as well as unfaltering love and loyalty. When Harry was born in 1980, even though she hadn’t seen her friend in almost three years (although they kept in touch as much as possible), she named Astoria to be Harry’s godmother. The two women last saw each other when Astoria came to Harry’s first birthday party. Voldemort killed Lily just 3 months later. It was due to Lily and James’s tragic deaths that Astoria went into training to become an Auror. Random Fact: by pure coincidence, Astoria and Lily also happened to have twin wands.

Astoria & James

Astoria met James through the combination of Lily and quidditch. James was the seeker for the Gryffindor team and Astoria was a chaser for the Ravenclaw team. Astoria was overly confident in her abilities as a flyer when she made the team in her third year, and although she was quite good, she made it quite clear that she was not the best when she challenged James to a race around the pitch one day and was humiliated in the process. James, however, was not a sore winner and just smiled and patted Astoria on the back before walking away from the race that day. Astoria didn’t, however, approve of the way that James treated her best friend and love interest, Severus Snape. She often pleaded with him to cease the torment, but was not altogether successful. Although they were never particularly close, the two were fond of each other and James agreed in naming Astoria as Harry’s godmother. James last saw Astoria on Harry’s first birthday, just three months before Voldemort murdered him.

Astoria & Sirius

Astoria and Sirius are cousins by birth. Astoria’s mother, Octavia (Black), was the sister of Sirius’s father, Orion Black and the cousin of Sirius’s mother, Walburga Black. The two children grew up close together and when Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor in his first year at Hogwarts, he immediately became an outcast to the majority of his family. Astoria’s older sister, Damia, remained loyal to Sirius as she had become a bit of an outcast as well, having been sorted into Ravenclaw the year before. Astoria followed suit with her sister because she had always loved Sirius, she didn’t share the Black family’s belief in pureblood supremacy, and she was sorted into Ravenclaw two years later. It should also be noted that their cousin Andromeda Black was also disowned by the family later on for marrying the muggle-born Ted Tonks. Sirius and Astoria attended Hogwarts together for four and a half years (Sept. 1973- Dec. 1977) and mostly ran with different crowds, however both were close with Lily Evans. Tension did occur between the cousins, however, when Sirius began to assist James Potter in the bullying of Severus Snape, Astoria’s best friend and love interest. Astoria often begged him to end the tormenting and was briefly successful, however when she moved to America, the torment began again and became worse. The last time Sirius and Astoria saw each other was on Harry’s first birthday and the two were overjoyed to be reunited. This was short-lived, however, because James and Lily Potter were murdered three months later and Sirius was sent to Azkaban, believed to be the cause of the murder and also the supposed murder of Peter Pettigrew. Astoria believed through and through that Sirius was innocent and was informed by Remus Lupin that her suspicions were correct. In addition to their relationship by blood, Sirius and Astoria also share a godson, Harry Potter.

Astoria & Remus

Astoria and Remus attended Hogwarts together from September 1973- December 1977. Remus, like James and Sirius, is 2 years older than Astoria. They became friends due to their mutual relationship with Lily Evans. Astoria was much closer with Remus than with James. Astoria jokingly used to tell Remus that he should have been in Ravenclaw because he was too smart to be in Gryffindor. During the bulk of her third year, Astoria had a serious crush on Remus and she wished that he would notice her as more than a friend, but if he did, he never let on. She was always plagued, however, with the question of where he would slip off to every month. It wasn’t until Harry’s first birthday that he finally revealed the truth of his lycanthropy to her when they were reunited after Astoria’s three-year absence. After Harry’s birthday, the two did not see each other again until Astoria was appointed to Hogwarts in 1993, although they kept in consistent contact with each other via owl after James and Lily’s deaths.

Astoria & Luna

Astoria is Luna’s aunt. Astoria’s sister, Damia, was Luna’s mother. Astoria and her young niece are very similar in personality, although Luna is much more eccentric, which Astoria firmly believes is due to Luna’s father, Xeno. Despite the fact that Astoria did not live near the family, she always made it to the Lovegood house in Ottery St. Catchpole for Christmas and Damia and Luna’s birthdays. Luna shares Astoria’s love of music and after her mother’s death, began to look to Astoria as a combination of a substitute mother figure as well as an older sister. Luna, although she resembles both her mother and father in her almost startlingly pale complexion, has Astoria’s silver-blue eyes.

Astoria & Damia (her sister)

Astoria was very close with her older sister up until Damia’s death in 1990. The two women were outcasts in their mostly Slytherin family from an early age due to the fact that they were both in Ravenclaw. While they were not looked-down upon as much as their cousins Sirius Black or Andromeda Tonks, they were not given any notice as they were not as “perfect” as their other cousins Bellatrix (Black) LeStrange and Narcissa (Black) Malfoy. Upon her marriage, Damia (Covington) Lovegood was disowned by the family for her marriage to Xenophilius, a known blood-traitor. Astoria was shortly after disowned for her loyalties to her cousins and sister and even more-so for becoming an Auror and “outed” herself as a blood-traitor. Astoria last saw her sister at Christmas of 1989. Damia, sadly, was killed in one of her own experiments several months later. From then on, Astoria became determined to be more of a constant presence in her niece’s life to help fill the void, which proved difficult as she was still in school in Ireland at the time, but managed it to an extent.

Astoria & Xenophilius Lovegood

Xeno Lovegood is Astoria’s brother-in-law and the father of her niece, Luna. The two are close friends, however she does not share all of Xeno’s eccentric beliefs. They get on quite well and he appreciates her help in raising Luna and always invites her to stay with them on holidays at his home in Ottery St. Catchpole. He also regularly prods her to be the new music critic of The Quibbler; an offer that she always gracefully declines.

Astoria & Andromeda Tonks

Astoria and Andromeda are cousins by birth. Andromeda’s father, Cygnus Black, was the cousin of Astoria’s mother Octavia. Astoria and Andromeda were very much alike in the way they were shunned by their families in addition to Damia and Sirius. Andromeda is quite a bit older than Astoria, considering that Andromeda’s daughter, Nymphadora (“Tonks”) was born the same year that Astoria started at Hogwarts. The two witches did not spend much time together considering the age difference and estrangement from their family, however after Astoria’s return to England in 1993, they were reunited when Sirius escaped from prison and when she and Tonks were both inducted into the Order of the Phoenix.

Astoria & Tonks

Tonks and Astoria are cousins. Both witches are aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix. Astoria is eleven years older than Tonks, however the two cousins get along extremely well and eventually became as close as sisters.

Astoria & Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley (then Molly Prewett) babysat Astoria when she was a small child. Prior to Astoria’s move to America, Astoria, in turn, babysat Bill and Charlie Weaslsey whenever Molly needed a break during her pregnancy with Percy. There is a thirteen year age difference between the two witches and Molly tends to be a bit protective of the younger witch and treats her as one of the family when she returns to England in 1993.

Astoria & Harry

Astoria is Harry’s godmother. She was best friends with Lily and also close with James and was named Harry’s godmother shortly after his birth, with her cousin, Sirius, being named godfather. Until Astoria was appointed to Hogwarts in 1993 and Sirius was released from prison in the same year, he didn’t know he had any other family than his mother’s vile muggle sister and her family. Upon her arrival and introductions by Dumbledore, Harry became enamored with the idea of having an at least semi-proper family. He and Astoria share many interests, one of which is quidditch. Harry sees Astoria as more of an older sister than a motherly figure, but he quickly falls in love with his godparents, and both Harry and Astoria are happy to have found a real family at last.

Astoria & Hermione

Astoria meets Hermione in 1993 when she is appointed to Hogwarts. They are introduced through Astoria’s godson, Harry. Hermione does not take any of Astoria’s music classes during first term, but is eventually swayed and during holidays, Astoria and Hermione end up spending more time together and soon become good friends.

Astoria & Neville

Astoria attended Hogwarts with Neville’s parents, Frank Longbottom and Alice Prewett. She confides in Neville that part of the reason she became an auror was due to what happened to his parents. Neville has a deep love of music and a great talent for it. Astoria encourages Neville out of his shell and he quickly becomes her most promising student, as his skill at the piano is unlike anything she ever expected from the quiet and accident prone young man. During both the holidays and the school year, Astoria makes an effort to get to know Neville and they eventually become close friends.

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